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YOGA Slow Vinyasa Yoga is a gentle and mindful variation of Vinyasa Yoga, characterized by a slower pace and deliberate movements synchronized with breath. Poses are held longer, emphasizing alignment and breath awareness. It's suitable for all levels, promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and a deeper mind-body connection through its meditative approach.

YOGA Yang/Yin Yoga class, which mixes the "active" Vinyasa poses with the longer held "Yin" poses (basically a half/half class). This is a popular style at yoga studios that like to offer a taste of both styles in the one class. It is also very accessible. Involves keeping "still" for the 2-3 minutes to hold the poses with the Yin style it can mentally be quite challenging, though very physically relaxing. Regular participants really enjoy the stillness time.

Tip for YOGA: bring a bath or beach towel or small throw rug or similar (often a large scarf works!) for "padding" and cushioning when holding poses. (While a gym towel is useful, it may not be big enough). Some people also like to bring a small cushion or pillow.

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