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Seniors fitness at Vikings 24/7 fitness centre is for anyone that prefers low impact, gentle exercise. Vikings 24/7 Fitness offers qualified and understanding instructors that cater to individual needs.

The classes are designed to improve overall health and fitness, including strength, balance and co-ordination, mobility, cardio-vascular fitness and flexibility.

These classes are great for decreasing body fat, blood pressure, risks associated with Diabetes and look to increase strength and flexibility to help prevent and recover from injury.

Seniors classes are held every Tuesday 11am and Thursday at 10.45am. Fitball class Tuesday at 1pm. Classes run for one hour and work at your own level. There is no pressure to do things that you are not confident to do.

Cost is $8 for each class or $75 for 10 classes.  Classes are half price for Vikings Gym members.

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